Happy Monday

Happy Monday.

Did you all enjoy the full moon in Gemini? The clouds
here hid her from me. I could still feel her lunar touch.

I have survived my first hands on week of motherhood. Sean
and I have been doing the around clock feeding for
Jacob. So it's little sleep..still it's a joy
to wake up to see Jacob's happy face. Or to kiss
Sean and call him husband.

I'll be back again this week with a regular post.
Also popping in with some new Jacob pics as well.

Hope you are all having a great Monday. Is it just
me or is it unreal that Christmas is about two weeks



Laurel said...

So excited and glad you are all home safe and sound.
Love to you!

Sarah said...

It is unreal-but you have a very good excuse! I am pleased your first week has gone well-it must be so lovely to have Jacob home. Yes-this week-full moon and high winds-equals slightly wild children at school!