Happy Sunday.

It has been an intense two weeks.
I find being a new mom is like
being on stage with no script.
Pure improv 24-7. There have
been beautiful moments and other
moments where I feel painfully inadequate
as a Mom. I'm learning.

These are my four favorite things that have
helped me during these past two weeks:

1) Fisher Price Newborn Rock -n- Play.
Jacob loves this. So do we. It is bright,
cute, lightweight to move from room to room.
If anyone is pregnant or just had a little one
this is a must have.

2) Raising Hope which comes on Tuesdays, 9:30 pm. It is
a hilarious show with a sweet tender side. The premise is
Jimmy Chance unexpectedly finds he is a father of a
six month old girl after his one night stand with a
serial killer. Yes, I did say serial killer. His mom and dad,
along with maw maw all pitch in to help Jimmy raise Hope.

3) The Actor Within: Intimate Conversations with Great Actors by
Rose Eichenbaum.

Acting has taken a back seat for a while. Reading this book
filled with interview with Ruby Dee, Hector Elizono, C.C. H. Pounder
Joe Mantenga to name a few made my acting heart sing.

4) My husband, Sean.
I call him the baby whisperer.
His experience of taking care of his little brother when he
was a baby along with his calm and laid back nature. Makes
me feel at ease all the time. One of the many reasons why
I married him.

What is your favorite things. Please share, I love
to hear them.



Anishinaabekwe said...

Please keep us updated on your posts! Growth, happiness, joy, grace, love and family. I just get such a positive vibe and feeling from your posts.

Peace sister!

Her Speak said...

So much Love here! I'm keeping calm and carrying on with lots of tea and organization projects this week. Mmmmm... <3

Laurel said...

You!! Are a favorite!! Happy Joyfilled Christmas to you Sean and Baby J!