Thursday, December 1, 2011

My New Family

Hi everyone. I have wonderful news to share.

First, Jacob, is coming home tomorrow!

Sean and I are so happy. It has been two months
of him being at the NCIU at our local hospital.
The grind of that experience has worn us both
out. Our reward is Jacob is healthy and strong.
He's now almost up to 5 pounds.

Here are some pics. This was last Thursday in
his infant incubator.

This is from Monday. Here's Jacob sleeping in
his bassinet.

Big Thank you to all for your encouragement, love and
your own preemie stories with me. It helped me get through
this challenging time for me and my family.

But wait there is more...Sean and I got married last Friday!
This is us right before leaving to go to City Hall.

We had no idea you had to wait 24 hrs after the marriage
license to get married. So we had to get a special waiver
to get married on that day. Here we are being married
in front of the judge. I am now Mrs. Graham.

Hearing those marriage vows in person, almost made me
cry with happiness. We always wanted to get married
with just two of us. We couldn't have picked a more
perfect day.

It has been a whirlwind few months. I am happy
to kick off December with my new family
all together. I'm also happy to share this all
with you. Have a beautiful weekend, everyone.



Sarah said...

Double congratulations to you, Sean and Jacob! How lovely that he is doing so well-he looks so like you! Your wedding sounds just perfect. If Andy and I ever got married that is how we planned we would .You look beautiful.
Sending lots of love to you all!
Sarah xx

Gloria said...

Shell, congratulations to you and your husband!! I'm so happy for you. How wonderful that your beebee is homme now and you and your family can start this month happily so. Yay!!

Magic Mentha said...

I'm tremendously happy for the three of you. May you all have nothing but love, goodness and great health for many, many years to come. Hugs!

Her Speak said...

My heart is so big for you, Shell!! What amazing joy! Wishing you and your new family much love. <3

Laurel said...

Oh Sweet Woman! I'm so happy for all of you. I
In tears as I read this. I shared with Olivia - my Christmas Baby.
We are so grateful and excited to hear about his first days of being home.
Going to email you in the morning and say a bit more and get your address . Pumpkin Prince will be getting something special :)
Love to you.

Tracy said...

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS, Shell & Sean! So very happy for you both--on your happy wedding, and on bringing Jacob home! LOVE seeing the photos... You looked so pretty on the big day--love your dress, shrug & tiara (gotta have that, Princess ;o) Small, quiet, intimate weddings are the sweetest, I think too. TJ & I had a tiny one too--wouldn't have dreamt of anything more than just us two and witnesses. We had a family party afterwards though, which was fun. But how lovely is Jacob! OH, he's got your chin. He looks so like you just now. So thrilled you'll be taking him home now, for his first winter. So much to celebrate just now--Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Cinner said...

Oh Shell I am so happy for you that Jacob is coming home and that you got married. weird but I thought this was going to happen. and you look absolutely stunning like a princess. I wish you all the blessings in your new married life, love and happiness. your friend, c

Sweetina said...

Congratulations To the wonderful Graham Family!
Wonderful Blissful news Shell in every way! you are going to have such a delightful Holiday Season? relish every moment!
Xoxo Tina

Elisa Day said...

Congratulations to your family! Jacob is so cute

koralee said...

Congratulations!!!! What great news you share. Enjoy every moment. xox

Flower said...

congrats I used to follow you back in the Soul coaching/sacred suzie days. I am so happy to hear your news!!


Judy Hartman said...

Oh, Shell, I just saw this. A big congratulations!!! May the three of you be very happy together! I'm thrilled for you!

iHanna said...

Oh a BIG huge congratulations to you Shell, you so deserve such happiness! Beautiful baby and beautiful wedding photos. Wishing you and yours all the best!


Anishinaabekwe said...


There is so much love here. Fills up my heart!

Cheryl Lynn said...

I know I'm late, but CONGRATS! CONGRATS! CONGRATS! Your new family is beautiful and I know you are going to be very happy together. The baby is a very handsome little gent!

Bravo my Dear. I see your Christmas was glorious and I wish you many happy New Years to come!

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