Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Moon in Scorpio

Happy New Moon!!

The Scorpio New Moon bring an energy of sensuality,
mystery and releasing the old.

You may find new truths to be revealed to yourself.
Or perhaps shedding of old ways to reach further
than you ever could before.

For all my Scorpio babies out there in Sun and
Moon sign, this is your Moon!!

For the rest of us, you can...

Burn red or black candles.

Do your best to release burdens that have been bringing
you down.

Spend time to deepen your intuition.

Look into your family history and unravel
stories you never knew about your ancestors.

Rev up your sexual energy. Eat spicy food,
take the lead in being an initiator in
your intimate encounters. (wink.)

You get the idea. Most of all do what
captures your imagination under this
New Moon.



Tracy said...

Oh, but I could use a little energy, so I'm making a spicy Indian curry tonight for dinner! ;o) It's been a tough week...hoping to tap into some new moon energy now. Happy Days, Shell ((HUGS)) P.S.How's sweet Jacob doing?!

Victoria said...

Yay..I love your symbolic spotlights...oh my.. i am having spicy indian curry tonight..sounds like a divine plan!
HUgs and sparkles kindred
Blessings of Samhain and Celtic new year to you!

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