Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Friday

Happy Friday! I had a great Thursday. When I went in
to see Jacob yesterday, I actually got to hold him for the
first time. I held him for a whole hour. For both of us,
it was the best feeling in the world!!

Jacob is gaining his weight. Hopefully, most of the tubes
he's connected to will be gone in a couple of days.

Thank you all for your love and encouragement to me.
Sharing your own stories about preemies.
It means the world to me and Sean.

Hopefully, in another week, I'll be able to share
pictures of my Jacob with all of you.

BTW, one of my favorite bloggers, Vanessa of
A Fanciful Twist is hosting her annual Halloween
Party this Saturday. Go check it out.

Have a great weekend. See you back
here on Monday.



Sweetina said...

Oh so happy that you got to hold your Jacob! So healing for all of you! xoxo Such Joy!

Her Speak said...

Shell, that is so glorious! I hope you are well. Sending you and your Jacob Big Love <3

Elisa Day said...

I have missed some blogpost. Congratulations to you and Sean! It must have been the must amazing feeling to hold Jacob for the first time. I look forward the pictures of Jacob. Hugs

Tracy said...

Oh, how wonderful... so thrilled for you, Shell! I hope you and Sean will have LOTS of time holding, cuddling and feeding Jacob before he come home to you. :o) Happy Days, lil' mamma ((HUGS))

SE'LAH... said...

Sending love, Shell.

My baby was a preemie and i have such a soft spot in my heart for my NICU babies. Prayers sent up for Jacob, and you too. Nurture and love him. That's all he needs.

one love Sis.

Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
I am so glad that Jacob is gaining weight. Can't wait to see pictures!
PS thanks for visiting my halloween party-I still have not got around to visiting everyone!

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