Happy Halloween

Greetings. I'm Constable Ichabod Crane of
New York. You may ask why I am here?
My friend, Shell is a new mom, as you know. Her son,
Jacob is doing well. Almost to 3 pounds now.
She has her fingers crossed perhaps he will
be home for Thanksgiving. Since Shell is busy,
I naturally offered to take over her
Halloween post.
I must admit. Before I came to Sleepy Hollow,
I didn't believe in Ghouls or Goblins. Especially,
Headless Horseman! Alas, my eyes have been opened.
My own mother, a child of Nature, perhaps had
she lived long enough would of taught me more
about the magic of this night: Halloween.
Truthfully, the magic goes beyond this night.
From All Souls Day to Dios De Los Muertos. The doorways
between our world of the living and the dead are
open. It's not a time to be afraid. A time to
honor our ancestors. To light a candle, remember
a favorite story of a loved one, or even ask
for guidance from your departed ones. Our
dream world is a place where we can always
find those who we love again until
we join them in the hereafter.
It is getting late my friends. My beloved Katrina
is waiting for me. I must not tarry. On behalf of
myself and Shell, wishing you a wonderful Halloween.



Gloria said...

Wonderful post. My congrats to Shell and hope baby is doing well. You speak of Dia de Los Muertos and yes I will be doing my post this evening sometime. Stop by and have a looksy. Again my regards to Shell and baby and speedy get home and nice to meet you Ichabod and oh those Johnny Depp pictures are oooh la la. :) Take care.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Shell,
I will be praying along with you for your wonderful son to be home for Thanksgiving. Congratulations on your precious gift from God.

Loving your post,

Cinner said...

Shell Congratulations on your baby son. I was surprised to read that. I have to catch up. sending prayers and all the best to baby and you. hugs. loved the post....I am very happy for you.

Cinner said...

Dear Sweet Shell, I read your previous posts and wanted to let you know I was a premie too. My sister works in NICU, your Jacob is in good hands. It will be wonderful when you can bring little Jacob home. I will pray he makes it home for Thanksgiving. congratulations to you and Sean. Sending you a big hug!

Tracy said...

Thank you, Johnny... your can bring greetings here any time. Oh, I mean Ichabod... ;o) So glad all is going well, Shell and thrilled that sweet Jacob may be coming home even sooner than expected--hooray! I love the real Halloween. And I was lighting candles last night and praying. Halloween Blessings to you :o) ((HUGS))

Elisa Day said...

Good evening Ichabod! Wonderful post! Please stop by more often ;)

Heather said...

Shell---My hope is that lovely Ichabod stopped by and gave you a kiss on the cheek and told you how we all wish you and your new little one well and to be home with his mama as soon as he can! Hope you are well as well. Having a baby is no small thing! Many congrats and prayers for your and your new sweet boy