Having Fun

Happy Friday, everyone.

I had an up and ride week from swelling feet
to baby kicking like crazy to finally getting the crib
up. Crib up taken care by my sweetie pie, Sean.

As I begin to waddle more, I've more and more
tried to incorporate more fun in my life. By nature,
I'm a sunny kind of person. Dealing with healthcare
providers, rearranging my home and all that unwanted advice
coming from all areas have made me sometimes cranky.
Downright moody. I felt the need to put
my Vader gloves on.

I'm doing my best to up my happy quotient.
Feeling happy doesn't cost money. Means
find ways to make yourself smile more.
To finding a new way to wear that same old
skirt, watching a favorite film daily,
cooking a totally new recipe.

We are energy in bodies. Fun energy attracts
fun things in our lives. Having fun makes
you feel lighter, smile longer and open
your mind to great ideas.

Today is Friday. The week's end. Schedule
some Fun today. Especially if you had
a long and cranky week. Put in some
fun for the weekend. See how it feels
and let me know.

I'm going to have fun today by rocking
my favorite silver earrings, get a really
good healthy smoothie and waddle around
to get fresh air.

Have a fun and great Friday.



Her Speak said...

Oh man, a cranky week it was. I'm having fun with some cold fish tacos and my favorite record. :)

Happy Friday, Shell!~*

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay..have a super-fun wkd..with lots of sparkles and joy!
Thanks for making me smile Shell......and thanks for your wonderfu sharing about muisc..awesome!

Joanna Rowan Mullane said...

Hello beautiful one! Thanks for this great post Shell! Have a wonderful and joyful weekend!!
In Faery Light,