Harvest Moon

Tonight the luminous Harvest Moon rises.

It is a special moon because it appears
to shine brighter than other moons.

The Harvest Moon reminds us of the coming
Autumn and her sister, Winter that follows
on her heels.

The Harvest Moon asks what seeds have
you sown? And what has ripened in your
life ready to be used?

This Harvest Moon is lit up by dreamy
Pisces. If you are a Pisces, well this
is your moon. For the rest of us, what
can we do under this Pisces Harvest Moon.

* Wear shades of blue and green in clothes
or light candles in this color.

* Donate money to organizations that protect
Mama Ocean and all that dwell in her realm.

* Purchase a notebook to record your night

* Make a commitment to at least ten minutes
daily to get quiet and calm, to hear your
intuition speak to you.

* If you have any recent pain or hurts that
have happened in your life. Write them down.
Burn the paper with what you wrote and throw
the ashes in your toilet. Flushing them away
from your life.

* Write a fan letter. Is there a special person
who means a lot to you that you never told, now
is the time. It can be someone famous or a mentor
of yours. Show your love.

As always, whatever you decide to do under this
Full Moon..be safe, have fun and make it meaningful
for you.

This is Cassandra Wilson's cover of Neil Young's
Harvest Moon. Love her version.



Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
Thanks for another lovely moon post! Weirdly I am wearing a blue skirt and a green top today-I must have known. Hope all is well with you. x

Tracy said...

The Harvest Moon is one of fave moon times. Love your ideas for celebrating and enjoying this moon. I've been doing some harvesting of dreams candle rituals. :o) Happy Days, Shell ((HUGS))

Her Speak said...

Merry Full Moon, Shell! I'm having a full moon party at my place too. :) Great post!

Much Joy!~*

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Yay Shell..that was mega-beautiful..i love reading your symbolic spotlights..very magical insigthful and beautiful!
Shine on kindred..blessings fo the moon