Embracing your Anger

“Anger is a great force. If you control it, it can be transmuted into
a power which can move the whole world.” William Shenstone

I had a terrible Saturday morning.
Everything that could go wrong did.
I found myself in a situation where disrespect and
compassion flew out the window.

What do you do with your anger?
I decided tonight. I let my anger flow out of me.
Then tuck away this experience to use again.
Perhaps writing about it to help others?
Or performing my experiences?
Become an Activist because of all this?

Anger is meant to be listened to.
Not stuffed down or disregarded.
If something has happened to you that angered and upset you.
Express your anger. Use it for good.
Be the voice for others who can't speak or afraid to.

Sometimes, the voice we are waiting to speak
up is our own.



Tracy said...

Oh, how much I could relate to this, Shell. My Sunday was not the greatest ever...LOL...Like, you all the could go "wrong," did go wrong, and I wasn't feeling well either, so it all felt a bust and had me wishing for another Sunday again. ;o) I don't know if it was anger, mostly frustration that all I did, all I touched, all I said seemed out of whack. Telling my husband who didn't know which way I was flying to the next, help as we were together all day. Taking a break from the usual external things, helped restore some inward peace. I feel better now. Hope you are too. Happy Week, Shell ((HUGS)) P.S. New baby bump photo soon? We hope... :o)

Her Speak said...

Honestly it felt like a rough weekend for everyone! Powerful words: I think anger and passion are underrated emotions that are often shunned because of their "un-prettiness". Use that power!

Judy Hartman said...

Yes, yes, yes!
Well put, Shell, and a wonderful photo to go with your words!

Sweetina said...

So well said,Shell. We cannot keep it bottled up inside or turn it inward. However, it's no good to lash out either...and i love your idea of "acting" it out and being creative like paint, write or talk and communicate. Exercise is good to let off steam also.
xoxo Tina