Happy Thursday. It's my favorite day
of the week

All day, they have been fixing the roof
of the apartment building I live in. I'm
right up above the roof. It has been banging
all day. Ugh. Finally...beautiful blissful
quiet. I can actually hear myself think.

I had a busy week so far. Completed
Jury Duty this week. Only had to serve
three days. Yipee. I'm in the process
of switching to a Birthing Center instead
of a hospital. I want to have as natural
birth as possible for baby and me.

I saw the first half of Ricki Lake's
documentary of the Business of Birth.
Seriously, I was crying through it and
couldn't finish. (I do want to finish
watching it.) If anyone is thinking
of becoming pregnant, I suggest watching it.
Going through my own pregnancy journey, I
see how mothers and fathers have to take
control of the way they want they child to
be born. If not, you may be on a road
of unnecessary inductions, epidurals
and c-sections.

Baby is moving around everyday now. So
amazing! Sean will be taking pictures
of me soon, I can post how I look now.
My baby belly is showing big time.

I found this trailer for a movie
called Trinity Goodheart. It's airing
on GMC network which I never even heard
of in August. It looks like a really sweet family movie.
I love that the lead (Erica Gluck) is young teen black
girl. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to see it.
I also love the fact,the hardest working Asian actor
in show business, James Hong, is in it too. You
may not know his name, he has been is so many
movies for decades.



Tracy said...

All in all, a good week, Shell--thanks for sharing! And can't wait to see you baby bump photos. :o) Be keeping well... ((HUGS))

Sarah said...

Glad all is going well Shell! We have builders out the back banging all day too-exhausting! Looking forward to your photos too!

KathrynAntyr said...

I can't wait to see your photos. Enjoy every moment of being a mama. You will be a loving and warm mother. What a lucky child!

Elisa Day said...

oh there you are, I have missed your blog! I did not know you where pregnant. Congratulations! Send you alot of love

julie said...

Yay for natural birth!!! I know I'm just a stranger here but I would recommend a birth doula so that you are supported and empowered when the time comes. And an 'excercise ball' really saved my back in the late months. <3 eek!!! You're giving me baby fever, lol.