Happy Wednesday or for me it's
Tired Wednesday.

A lot of responsibilities have been
piling up on me in the last few weeks
on all parts of my life. Today, I had a
whole lot of errands to do.

You know what? The errands and the
world can wait for a day. I am spending
my day to recharge and relax.

If you have a lot of errands and tasks.
Let it go for one day. And Just Be.
The world will still be able to spin
without you.



Sarah said...

Hope you feel better after your day of rest Shell!

Gloria said...

Enjoy your Wednesday and feel better. Take care.

Tracy said...

VERY good advice, Shell... as end of week nears I often feel this way. Often I try to hurry so I can "play" at the weekend. Today I'm allowing myself a break though... ;o) Glad you are too. Happy Day ((HUGS))

Her Speak said...

I think I'll join you in your Relax and Recharge. I've turned the phone off--time for that stack of books from the library. Fancy I'll have some tea and cream too. :)

Much Joy, Shell!