Sunday, April 10, 2011

Self Promotion Sunday

Sunday's energy is all about success, fame
wealth and personal power.

With all this lovely Sunday energy, I'm
starting my first Self promotion Sunday.
(Since this is the first, I'll probably do it
bi monthly on Sundays.)

If you or someone you love is in the NYC area
and needs a Private Acting Teacher, I am available.
My background is 3yr of Method Training at The Lee Strasberg
Theater Institute and years as a working actor.
My focus is to bring energy, freedom, fun and
joy back to your acting. I truly love acting: performing
and teaching. It's all one big bowl of love
for me.

Here's my fun acting tip: If you feel stuck
with your acting, imagine what advice your
favorite actors (alive or dead)would
give to you.

One of my favorite examples of this,
comes from a dream. It happened when I was
getting back into Shakespeare. I had dream with Laurence
Olivier, one of the greatest Shakespearean actors of the 20th century.
He admonished me in an imperial tone.
"Be not all emotional, Shell. Listen to the music
of the words to take where you need to go."

This is great advice I still use today when
doing Shakespeare and contemporary acting.
Thank you, Sir Larry.

Once again, come to or
contact me at Jettswan@gmail for all the info
on my Acting Teaching services. Open to beginners
and seasoned actors.

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone.



Sarah said...

Good luck with your teaching Shell. I like the idea of advice brought to you in dreams.

Laurel said...

Oh! I love this dream! It is quite profound! Hope you are well my friend and know that if I ever have someone there looking for help with this wonderful craft I will hook them up with you. In fact I will tell my friend Hayley who lives in Manhatten to pass it on:)

Cinner said...

Shell I Love that you had this dream. I hope all your dreams come true and wish you every success.. Have a great week.

Elisa Day said...

I hope you get many students! And good luck with you dreams, I am sure you will fullfill them!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed. When I think of Lee Strasberg I think of Marilyn Monroe,Montgomery Clift and Paul Newman. You keep good company girl!
Wishing you every success, I bet you are a fabulous teacher!

Sir Larry was quite dreamy...

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