Monday, January 10, 2011


Happy Monday, everyone. I do a daily card of the day
from my Tarot and Goddess decks. Today, I got the lovely and luminous
Goddess Lakshmi.

Whenever I see her face, I start smiling. I feel like I just been
gifted with my own private rainbow. I wanted to share her with all
of you.

Wherever you are or what you are doing, remember that
being happy and full of good fortune is something that
we all can have. Celebrate and focus on the people, things
and events that make you Happy. A little bit of true Happiness
can help you through challenging times. (I know from experience)

Lakshmi and I are wishing you a Happy Monday.



Kalei's Best Friend said...

AMEN! same to u Shell.

Laurel said...

awe! I feel better just seeing that :)

Tracy said...

Oh, this was good, Shell... I feel all the happier for having seen this beautiful reminder today! :o) Have a great week ((HUGS))

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