Two years....

Two years ago today, I was sitting in
Rockefeller Center waiting for my headshots to be printed.

I was reading a book of poems by Emily Dickinson.
As the day went on, I began to feel strange.
Like something was wrong. I dismissed
it as me just feeling over sensitive that day.

Though I didn't know it then, my friend Sean had died.
I would learn of his death about ten days later.

When I look back on that day, I know now what
I felt was him leaving this world. Though he is physically gone,
the bond between us has not been broken.
Because Love Never Dies. If any one tells you different,
they are wrong!

This is for Sean. I will love you forever.



Anonymous said...

Dear Shell,
You are right. Love never dies adn we always feel the ones we loved around us.
Sending you hugs today))

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

Happy New Year, sweet friend! When you love someone you love them for life, so keep your friend close to your heart. Have a blessed week!

Kalei's Best Friend said...

U r right! It never dies, it lives on in your heart!.

Laurel said...

Well my Dear- this is what bonded us. Sisters in sorrow, I think I said one time to you. I see a big change now. You have come out of the real darkness and are so much lighter. I am happy to see that my friend. It is so cool to see someone transform grief.
Love You.

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Shell...such a wonderful and beautiful tribute to your beautiful friend!Inspiring!
yes..isnt it is impossible for love to is powerful and infinite! Many hugs and blessings to you and the beautiful bond of love and friendship you forever-have with him!
HUgs and love

Sarah said...

True that love never does die. Beautiful tribute Shell. x