Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Winter Meeting

Words can't describe how I felt reading all your comments to me.
Sharing your stories of your own personal griefs touched my heart.
I didn't feel as alone. I realized that what I'm experiencing is part of
the journey as I heal. This weekend was tough for me. I feel accepting
that I have this grief inside of me, not pushing it away is the best
thing I could do for myself. I thank you, one and all. Truly.

Now on to something else..

Last week, I got to see again a new favorite Bette Davis
movie. Winter Meeting (1948). Bette plays Susan Grieve,
a poet living in Manhattan. Being coaxed to go on a
double date, she meets a reluctant War Hero named Slick Novak
(played by Jim Davis.) Instead of Slick falling for the girl
chosen for him, he is intrigued by Bette. A sweet romance
follows that helps both of them grow as people.

It is a gem of a movie. Winter Meeting is not one of Bette's celebrated
movies, it is worth your time to watch. To my surprise
looking on IMDB; I saw Jim Davis years later played Jock Ewing
,The patriarch of the Ewing Clan, on Dallas!

Of course, I have a trailer for you. Enjoy.


1 comment:

Beadwright said...

This truly is a wonderful movie. I have seen it several times.

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