Letting Go to Move Forward

October is a favorite month of mine. Alas, this October has
been kicking my ass. Some of it is from my own inability to
deal with life. I can accept that. I also feel the bigger lesson is
going back to my word of the year: Breakthrough.

To Breakthrough, sometimes you have to break down. Look
at the truth of what's going on and face it. That is not
always easy.

If I listed all the goals I have been trying to accomplish
with my grieving heart, it's no wonder I was brought to
this uncomfortable point in my life.

This week I feel like I am starting to make a turning point
in all of this. It is simple. I decided to let go of
some of my goals for a while. Focus on two or three goals
instead of the list of eleven rotating goals I had. Each
day, do one task at a time. If I cook, I just cook. Not
cook, clean and talk on the phone. Focus on the task I'm
doing now. One thing at a time. A refrain my mom always
admonished me to do.

If you are feeling blocked, frustrated, upset and just want to
give up, let go of some of your goals and ambitions for a while.
Get back to you. Be deliberate with what you are doing. Focus
on the now and what is going on in front of you.

Letting Go can give you more momentum to fly in your life.

Wishing you all a beautiful Wednesday.



Wendy said...

Isn't that the truth though, that people who are intuitive and are spiritual can't force their ego's to make the desired changes we think we "should" be doing. I totally agree with you and just letting go and when it's time to break-though, it'll just click as if something was stuck. The Buddhists have a name for that place "in-between" called "Bardos", the time of waiting between the new incarnation.

Kiki said...

Wonderful and wise!! Shine on!!

Elisa Day said...

As always you seem to write the things I need to read at the moment. I am so lost right now, trying to do too many things at the same time and not focusing on any of them. Wish you a wonderful day. Hugs

Laurel said...

I LOVE this idea SHell. Living and doing things deliberately. WOw waht a cool thought. I feel like I fly through life , often doing things halfass. Gonna take a serious look at that and begin the painfulbut beautiful process of doing it different. Thanks Shell.
Love You To the moon and back:)

Elisa Day said...

Thank you! No I dont feel as blue as the blog post can seem to. Blue is my favorite color. And I love to take pictures of icesculptures. I hope you get your breakthroug someday. World needs more souls like your beautiful inspiring one

Anonymous said...

Dear Shell,
I am sorry it is taken me so long to catch up on your blog. I first want to say how much I love your new header. You're gorgeous spirit just shines!
I think there are times when we have to let go of certain things in order to move forward. Your Mom is a very wise Lady!

林翊娟 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Christina said...

what great advice. really great.