Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beautiful June

Happy June.

June is a lovely month. Full of beauty and
sunshine. Did you know June is reported
to be named after the Roman Goddess Juno.
She is a Goddess of marriage and
finances. An intriguing mix!

I was thinking what is lovely
I can show for the beginning
of June.

Since, I'm bias and this is
my place.

This scene is from the Misfits (1961).
It is noted for being the last
movie of Clark Gable and Marilyn
Monroe. It's an interesting movie.
If you have never seen, make a
note to rent it or look for in
on TCM.

This is a sweet scene with
My beloved Montgomery Clift and




Laurel said...

Awe! So cool!!! Love that scene.
ALso love the idea that Juno ios the goddess of marriage and finance. Hilarious really since that is the source of 99% of all our fights and I am certain most marriage suffer the same plight. SHe needs to fix that!!
Have a good Thursday Darling, our favorite day.

Clarity said...

I was born in June, so you could say I can't do without this month :)

Watched The Misfits the other day - Clift and Monroe were reportedly "like twins" on that set, same kind of energy. Well chosen.

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