Sunday, May 30, 2010

When The Moon wanes

May they all rest in peace:
Dennis Hopper, Art Linkletter
and Gary Coleman.

I grew up watching Gary on Diff'rent Strokes
as a kid. I loved all his t.v. movies he
did on NBC. When I watched him, it fueled
my own personal dreams as an actor.
I know he was haunted by his childhood
stardom and his life after the show
was turbulent to say the least. I
am thankful for your brightest days
in the sun as an actor, Gary.

I always celebrate the new and full
moon on my blog. I realized I haven't
done one about the Waning Moon. After
the Moon is full, she begins to decrease
until she "disappears" from sight to
return as the New Moon.

The time of the Waning moon up until
the New Moon is a potent time
to still utilize La Luna's energy.

This time you can use the energy
to get rid of, banish, release all
that is unwanted, unused, dragging
you down and making you miserable.

Now until June 10th when
the new moon is born again. You

* Start your new healthy eating
or work out to release weight
* Leave a dead end job
* Decide to end any relationships
not working for you
* Get rid of clutter and clean
up your junk room
* Pay off debts

Just recently, I wrote down all these negative
thoughts swirling in my unconscious.
I ripped up the paper and burned them
safely in my big seashells. In essence
releasing them from my life and my
mind. I felt a wave of clean energy
flow in my body, afterward.

Use your imagination on what you like
to release under the time of the
Waning Moon. Make sure whatever it is,
will give you more peace and happiness.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial weekend.



Lisa said...

Love this. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Michelle May said...

Great post Shell. So sad about Gary. I didn't know about Dennis. Times seem very strange to me right now. Unsettling for some reason. Maybe the moon will help.
Hugs to you.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I also do burning/banishment rituals to cleanse the spirit. I find it very rewarding.

Hope you're having a pleasant holiday.

Gloria said...

Yes may they rest in peace. It seems to always happen in 3's. Hope you are okay Shell and doing well. Yes I am planning on de-cluttering the studio. Thanks for a great post. Enjoy your week.

Javajune said...

Sounds like an excellent plain. I'll have to give this some thought. Gary was so cute on that show.
Happy holiday

Deborah said...

I was shocked to find out about Gary too Shell. He had such a sad life in spite of all his fame. I grew up watching him too. I always use that line "Whatcha talking about Arnold?" with my son inserting his name instead. He has no idea what I am talking about:)

Laurel said...

Great thoughts Shell. Love the words on cleansing . I was letting a couple people live rent free in my head for a few too many days and poof I evicted them. Now I kow they will be back until I am totally done with the process but their stay is getting shorter.
I took a really cool shot of the moon a couple days back, I will send to you in email.
Love and Hugs sweet friend.

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