Friday, June 4, 2010

What I'm wild about...

Happy Friday. I thought I share
certain places, things and people
I'm wild about right now.

1. I love Stylelikeu. Get to see
people talk about why they dress the
way they do. Full of style info.

2.) Barrettes. I have been wearing
my hair them. Doing all kind of fun
styles with my hair.

3) My Mark Hamill

I have been mad about Mark since I was eight years old.
One of my favorite dreams is to act opposite him
in a movie. I know he's directing a movie
based on his comic book the Black Pearl.
If anyone knows someone who knows Mark, let a
sistah know.

4) Buying a good camera to film with. I want to
do videos with my monologues. The first one is to
refilm my Jane Eyre monologue on location
in a beautiful place here in the city.

5) Las Vegas. I want to go there for a special trip. So if anyone has any
recommendations of lovely places to stay, please do

Have a beautiful Friday. I love to hear what
all of you are wild about.



Heather said...

these are all wildly wonderful things! I love that you love Mark Hamill. Those girlhood crushes die hard! Hope you get to make a movie with him some day :)

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Shell,

I love all that you have been into lately.
Your blog looks great.

I went to my local comic book store and was reminded of your love of Classic Literature when I saw a comic book series of Pride and Prejudice. I was so surprise... so very interesting.


Elisa Day said...

I hope you get to act opposite Mark Hamill. And I wish I could go with you to Las Vegas!

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