Happy February

January has come and gone! My word is
breakthrough for 2010. I have been taking
this word seriously.

I went to the Actors' Fund in Manhattan
yesterday. It's a resource for actors to
network, find work and be connected to
other actors.

By nature, I'm not a big group person. I am
glad I went, though the orientation was
too long. Doing things like this is going to
help me breakthrough and get to the next
level for myself as an artist and a person.

What about all of you? Are you following
your word or words for the month? Looking
at your list of things you want accomplished
this year.

People say this all the time. It is true
we are the CEO's of our own lives. The
only way to get Shell, Inc. to be successful
is for me to to do it. That means stretching
out and doing new things.

Don't forget I'm tweeting and
twittering. Join in on the fun with me.
I must admit I prefer twitter to facebook.
That's just me, everyone has their preferred
method of being in this online universe.

For my old romantic movie lovers, please
watch TCM at 6:45pm today for One Way Passage.
It's a new favorite starring William Powell
and Kay Francis from 1932.

If your interested in my mystical side, you
can read my card of the month.

All the Oscar buzz is revved up today.
Big congrats to Morgan, Gabby and Mo'Nique
for their nominations.

I'll be back tomorrow for a fun post.



Gloria said...

...and a Happy February month to you too. I'm sure the "breakthrough" will come when you are least expecting it. Have a great rest of the week. Take care.

koralee said...

I adore February...wow..you are an actor..that is so exciting. Hang in there...your turn is coming! xo Thank you for visiting me.