The Happy List

Happy Wednesday. Today is my mom's birthday.
I love the fact our birthdays are less than
two weeks apart.

The lovely Cinner gifted me with this

This is the Ten Things That Make Me Happy Award
The idea is to make my list and pass the Award
on to Ten People.

Here is my happy ten list.

1) My friends and family
2) Old romantic movies
3) Mabel, my tuxedo cat
4) Being at the ocean
5) Chocolate
6) Shakespeare
7) A blue sky day
8) Flowers
9) When a song comes on that says exactly
how I feel
10) The quiet of night after midnight

Now, the hard part..I have to
pick ten people..
here goes..this is
off the top of my head.
If you are award free, just
know I send you love..

A Fanciful Twist
Button Willow Cottage
Her Speak
Suzie Ridler
Girl Whimsy
Soul Aperture
Future Hippie
Ooh La La Design
Rose Cottage

I know I'm going to be mad
later on, because I know there are
people I'm forgetting. If I do,
blame my head not my heart.

Have a wonderful day. See you
back here tomorrow.



Elisa Day said...

I have told you many times before, your blog inspires me. But I have not even found the word for the year or month. I have to think harder :)

Sarah said...

I love your happy list Shell! Happy birthday to your Mum and Happy Wednesday to you!

Sarah said...

Oh and thanks for your kind comment for William!

Laurel said...

Awe! Thanks Sweetie- I am happy to pass on what makes me happy:) Thanks for my Thursday Post Idea! Love to you! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Tracy said...

Happy Day to your Mom, Shell! My Mom and I share birthday just 5 days apart--it is such fun. Congrats on your very lovely award--this one is so good for you. And wonderful to see you sweet, happy list! ((HUGS)) Charlie sends purrs to you & Mabel ;o)

Suzie Ridler said...

Hey, my Mom is born the week after me! Isn't that cool we are both Aquarius with Aquarian Moms?

Thanks for including me and honouring me Shell, you know I adore you too!

Javajune said...

Happy b-day to your mom. I love everything on your list and so many of those things would be on mine as well. Happy day to you as well.

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

oh shell, how cool! thank you so much! this really brightened my day!

i will make sure to add it in my next post. it's funny because i've recently been thinking about spending more time on things that make me happy. i believe that if we can find inner happiness it will flow out of us to others.

have a great weekend! :)
cara mia

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

ps.... i'm having a small but fun giveaway on my other blog
so drop by if you get a chance :)

Christina said...

aww... this is too sweet! thank you, thank you. i love the word HAPPY!
"blue skies"
so lovely.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Thanks so much Beautiful! I am honored indeed. Thanks so very much. Won't be able to post it till I finish work, but I will. Thanks again Shell. I heart you.