Saturday, January 30, 2010

Quiet Moon

Happy Saturday.

Thank you all for your beautiful, heartfelt
birthday wishes for me. I am deeply touched
by all your comments. My birthday sparkled
this year, I know a lot has to do with all
of you.

A big hug to Vanessa honored
me at in a delightful way. Thank you.

Tonight is our first moon for 2010.
The Full Moon in Leo. All my Leos out
there this is your moon. This moon has
numerous names. I like the name the
Quiet Moon. For the rest of us, you
can use the energy of this fiery
moon to give movement, passion
and creativity to your goals for
the year.

If you fallen off the wagon of your
goals, tonight and tomorrow night
is the perfect time to get back on

I'm wishing you a beautiful and
creative Full Moon.


cinner said...

Shell, happy blated birthday, I hope you had an awesome time. take care.

Don said...

I am playing catch up so bear with me....

Diana Evans said...

oh the moon was amazing!!! it was so large and so clear out....

thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes!!!

Laurel said...

Hi Sweet Shell. I always smile when I see your face. So warm and lovely. I am so happy your birthday was lovely as well. I missed you :)
I am loving your moons.
Happy Sunday night.

Tracy said...

Hi, Shell! That moon was delicious...*swoon*... I feel a tiny short of last week's goals, but hope to catch up this week--Monday's good for dusting off and starting all over again. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

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