Take it Easy

Since being told by many people: I need to slow down and don't do everything all at once. The past couple of weeks I have been following this advice. It has helped me get new ideas, relax deeper and get more sleep.

So, today if you have a long list of to do's, calls and emails you have to make. For one day, let it go. Lounge, loaf, daydream, have a party in bed, watch movies, read a book, listen to music. Take the day off. Yes, I know it's the middle of the week. This makes it more fun!



Laurel said...

I wish you lived in SF -I could come watch old movies with you and hide from my life just for one day:)

Sarah said...

Sounds great-would like nothing better!

Anonymous said...

After a week full of appointments it would be nice to lounge for the day!! Well, maybe for the afternoon.... LOL!!
Have a Great Day!!

Laurie said...

Today is Thursday and that is exactly what I am doing. Sometimes we need to put the brakes on from the everyday "stuff" and relax.
I hope you got some rest!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I would love to take your advice!

Alas, reality calls - commissions to finish and dress rehearsals to attend.

But, next week, just watch this bee turn into a lump o' slug!