Friday, October 30, 2009

Magical TV Series: Beauty and The Beast

To end my magical movie series, I decided on something different. Today's final offering is the one of the most magical television series ever: Beauty and The Beast (1987-1990).

The story is simple enough: Catherine Chandler (Linda Hamilton),is a rich pretty lawyer, in New York. She works for her father's law firm but doesn't take the job seriously. One night, in a case of mistaken identity she is attacked. Her attackers throw her in the Central Park. There she rescued by a man named Vincent (Ron Perlman)who lives in an underground world beneath the city. As her face heals, the two begin a friendship. When she is finally healed and given a mirror to see herself..she sees her new friend, Vincent. Vincent has the soul of a poet and the face of a lion. He is an extraordinary man.

Catherine is changed deeply from her attack. She accepts Vincent for who he is;
Vincent slowly begins to see the beauty in himself. Thus begins a love story which is filled with great stories and characters from Catherine and Vincent's world for three seasons.

If you have never seen the series, well you are in for a treat. I have to admit the third season is not my favorite. So just a heads up. The first two seasons are perfect to me. If your have been a devoted fan since 1987 like me. Well,
it's like dropping in on old friends and feeling like you never left.

The truth be told the wonderful writing is matched by the beautiful chemistry between Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. We believe in Catherine and Vincent because these two actors make there them as real as people we know in our own lives.

Here is the opening sequence to the tv series.

In the first season, one of my favorite episodes is called Masques which is a lovely Halloween episode. You can find here

I hope you all enjoyed my magical movies and t.v. tribute for October. If I missed some of your favorites, I'm sure I will get to them next year.

I'll be back tomorrow for more magical treats for Halloween.



Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

My friends used to make fun of me for loving this series! I'm so glad that I've found another person who thought it was magical!

glorv1 said...

Shell, that was one of my favorite tv series when it was on. I looked forward to it every week. When it ended, I cried. Is it out on dvd? If so, I'm getting the whole kit and kaboodle. Thanks. Have a great weekend.

Sarah said...

I had totally forgotten that series but it has all come flooding back!
I love horses too-I would love to have my own-in my dreams! They are such beautiful and intelligent creatures-I always talk to them whenever I see them!

Laurel said...

Hi Sweetie! I have been VERY under the weather:( cold/flu/swine-who knows-whocares:) Just trying to maintain. I never saw the show- I used to be threatened by Linda Hamilton because she was husband's fave-ahahaha! The things we fear!!! Oh boy what an insecure mess I have been throughout my little life at times. Awe- I feel sorry for that Laurel. Well- thats all from crazy me- Love You and hope you have the BEST halloween weekend with nothin but treats:)

Chrissy said...

I loved that show!!..My heart always melted for the beast... the way he would look at her was so loving...

Elisa Day said...

I loved that show. It was like magic.

Ana Márquez said...

Hi! I arrive at your blog since the blog of Cherrie Mackenzi. I think your website is very beautiful too. Congratulations :-)

My English is not very good, sorry. Greetings from Spain.

VintageSage said...

Hi Shell! Oh Beauty and the Beast was one of my favorite, favorite shows!! I think I cried in the very last episode. :) I'm so glad you're father is visiting you right now as mine is. Isn't it just wonderful?

Have a blessed Samhain!


Christina said...

i used to love this series. i just loved it!

Marie said...

Dear Shell,

Finally. I could not access
your link. The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
is one of my favorites. As is
she beautiful Jennifer Jones {who
one rarely hears about} what
a ethereal and unique beauty.
I've watched just about all of
her movies.


Carole W said...

I'll soon have to buy replacements for S1 and S2 (what? there was a season 3? I've managed to forget!!)'

It is timeless, even if the 80's shoulder pads are mind-boggling - and I think I still have a jacket or two in my closet.

No one reads poetry like Vincent (though Ron Perlman does a wonderful job on City of Thieves).

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