Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Using The Force

This post is inspired by both June's post yesterday and Suzie's posts on mystical subjects she is doing for October. My mom had certain rules she impressed upon me as being most important. One of those rules was to always follow my intuition. It would never lead me astray. She is right. If I felt something off about a person or an event, I tell my mom. She understand and reaffirm what I felt.

So, I grew up using my intuition all the time. This isn't to say I always avoided unpleasant people, experiences or events. There are some things we have to go through to learn. I accept that. I also feel there a lot of things we don't have to endure if we had paid attention to our intuition. To me it is our parting gift from God as we enter the world as babies. A part of the divine that stays with us until we draw our last breath. Everyone has it. Let me repeat this: Everyone has it!

Here are a few examples how it works for me:

Out of the blue, I get a quick flash of a friend/family's face in my mind's eye. In a day or two, I will get a call from her/him or see them in person . If I dream about a person two days in a row, I know I need to call because something is up.

When I talk to people, I get not only what they are talking about but what they are feeling as well. It's like being in a foreign movie: I hear the words and can read the subtitles. This helps me to deal especially with obnoxious,aggressive or pushy people, I know how to dance out any manipulation or guilt trip they throw my way.

If I'm in a rut or need an answer to a particular problem, I always get directed to read a certain book, watch a movie, listen to a song or even looking up at a billboard ad which gives me the right solution for what I'm looking for.

Your intuition talks to you in all five senses: touch, sound, sight, sound, taste.
Here are easy ways to start:

When someone leaves a message on your cell, let yourself imagine what they are going to say before listening to it.

Before meeting someone new for the first time, write down three or four words that pop into your head about them. See how accurate it is after your meeting.

In the morning, ask yourself what is your word for the day. Write it down and see did it come to pass?

Getting dressed in the morning, ask yourself what color will help you most today. Then choose that color and observe how it makes you feel during the day.

Ask yourself, what foods should I eat today for my health? See what you are guided to eat.

Make it a game and have fun. Easy does it is the motto when starting off to use your intuition. As you get more confident, move on the bigger questions. Do it at your own pace. Your intuition is like the wind that blows on a rainy day or the sun that warms your face. It's always there, accessible and natural.

To read more about intuition I check out books by: Dr. Judith Orloff, Sark, Sonia Choquette, Julia Cameron, Lusiah Teish, Iyanla Vanzant and Ellen Dugan. Whether you call it your gut, hunches, gps system, tracking device or as I like to call it using The Force, our intuition is there for us. Whoever you feel has given us this gift, it is a gift to be used for our good and help us as we travel through this adventure we call life.



Khaled KEM said...

That's a great and intriguing post Shell. I like the subject as I myself go through some of the events you mentioned.
Imagination and the Unknown do not scare me but inspire me from time to time.
Thanks for your kind words. I miss you guys even I try hard to read most of your posts and follow your progress. Hopefully I will have more time on hand soon.

Take care Shell.

SE'LAH... said...

Grandmother always said, trust your instincts. I think that's just another way of saying, use your intuition. Great post Shell.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Love this post Shell. I can't wait to try some of these things. I have always loved this kinda stuff.
bunny hugs,

Caroline said...

Love this post Shell... No accident that I read this today. I know I need to pay attention more to my intuition. I love your suggestions too!

Don said...

I can dig it. For some reason, perhaps because I've been advised and, over the years, came to realize how I possess a gifted ability to pick up on one's spirit. After reading your post I believe it's widely known as listening to my Intuition.

Good read. And yes I too appear to routinely have a good ideal of what a caller will say before I hear what's being said.

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

Tracy said...

This was a special post, Shell--thank you! I didn't really know about what intuition was or how to use it until well into my 20's. I'm mid-30's now and still learning. It is quite magical... and it is like a friend we can always trust. You put into words so beautifully. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Suzie Ridler said...

It is so true Shell, you never go wrong when you listen to your intuition, so glad you have always done so.

As someone who didn't and made a huge life decision, it's hard to trust your intuition again once you have screwed up and gone down the wrong road. I hope you always stay on the right path.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I tell you, wise words always go with your gut! If you feel it's not right don't run over your feeling! This was great!!!

Sarah said...

I like the ideas you shared in this post Shell. I have not thought of actively using my intuition like that although I do trust it as things come to me. I am going to try your ideas. Often I guess who is on the phone when it rings. I shall have a go at guesssing what they are ringing for next time!

Sarah said...

Back again-just read this post on Anairam's blog-the last little bit is the relevant part for intuition!

Elizabeth said...

Hej Shell,

Been a while since I have been visiting you but like always I come at a time your story sounds like it is ment for me.
I'm glad you wrote this post about 'the force'. You made some suggestions that I haven't tried yet.
A game I normally do is, when the phone is ringing I ask myself first: who's ringing? Before I answer and no I don't have a display. About 8 out of 10 times I'm right.
The thing I do like you is listening to the energy people are in, I find that very helpful.

Well, thanks for this inspirational post. Hope you will have a fantastic weekend with at least a little bit of sunshine.

See you.

Laurel said...

This is A GREAT post Shell. It really made me think that I don't listen to that voice inside me all the time. I recently brought someone on board to help me with my coaching job and it is NOT working out well at all. When I first met her I sensed something-off and I am paying for not listening to my intuition. I cannot wait to try these suggestions. You make such a difference in my life- how cool is that.

Anonymous said...
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