Magical Movies: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Lucy Muir (Gene Tierney) to start a new life as an independent widow moves her daughter, Anna, and her maid, Martha, to lovely house called Gull Cottage by the sea. The hitch is the former owner, Captain Daniel Gregg (Rex Harrison) doesn't want the house occupied. He's not leaving at all even if he died four years ago!

So begins the delightfully romantic The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947). I remember as a kid watching the reruns of the tv series based on the movie. I enjoyed the series, the movie is well so much more.

Gene Tierney is wonderful mix of ethereal and strength as Lucy. You believe she falls in love with Gull Cottage as soon as she sees it. Personally this has to be one of my favorite movie houses in all of cinema. No ghost is going to scare her out of her home, she stands up to the wily Captain Gregg from the first time he appears. Rex Harrison is perfect as the Captain. I know he is best known and loved for playing Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady. This is my favorite role of Rex. He is sexy, swashbuckling and sensitive all in one breath. Watching Gene and Rex spar and then fall for each other is simply lovely.

I can tell you more about the plot. You know by now, I don't like to give it all away. Just watch and you too will wish you had a your own Captain Gregg haunting you.
Though I feel the film is perfect as it is. I can see a remake. The key to a good remake is to find the right Captain Gregg. Denzel Washington or Gerard Butler can play the role easily. Seriously, the last romantic comedy Denzel has done was The Preacher's Wife. He didn't even get the girl in that one! I think Denzel is way over due.

Enough about my remake ideas. As always, here is fan video I found on you tube of the movie.

If you have never seen The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, now is the perfect time. If you have already, it's always nice to visit Lucy and Captain Gregg. They are worth many visits.

PS. Look out for a young Natalie Wood as little Anna.
2nd PS. I do like the name Lucia after seeing the movie again.



Elisa Day said...

I have never hear about this film. I will have to try to find it said...

I have not seen it, but I will now, Netflix here I come!!!

As soon as it cools down here, maybe in December, I am making my versio nof baklava and sending it to you, promise!!

Suzie Ridler said...

Shannon mentioned this one to me too so I got it from the library and you're right, it is ethereal Shell! I just loved it, b&w movies are my favourite and this was a true magical movie.

Clarity said...

I adore this film and Rexy was never better except perhaps in "Blithe Spirit", oh dear. I must admit the witty tone and beard really suit him, more men should wear beards.

I especially like the "writing scenes" in this film. Very clever and completely fantastical.

Christina said...

isn't that a beautiful name? lucia~
i have seen this movie. it was one of many i spent watching with my grandma. great movie

Sweetina said...

Hi Honey!
Oh my goodness I have to the movie again! I loved the TV Series also...remember..who was it Charles Nelson Riley...he was so funny and awkward. Who were the TV actors?
One of my favs!
great post!

Cheryl Lynn said...

That was such a sweet movie. I enjoyed watching it as a child. It was great fun and truly a romantic film.

Lucia is such a beautiful name.

Hope you're having a great week so far.


Javajune said...

Okay I remember the name but I don't know if I ever saw it. I do vaguely recall a tv show. Hmmm maybe I'll have to check it out.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Yes, I love that original movie.

Now you have me interested in going out and finding a copy to rent-lol.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

ah, I haven't seen this in years! It's so romantic and fun. Maybe this will have to be our film-for-Halloween-night!

GorgeousMonty said...

This is one of my favorite films!! Such a magical, beautiful film!

Deborah said...

I loved this movie too. I wish they made more movies like this with that magical mix of whimsy and sophistication. I haven't seen it in along time though. Wonder if they make versions with captions?