Dreamthought #20: Finishing Strong



Laurie said...

I didn't think this would make me cry! Makes all my petty problems seem like not much at all.
What an inspiration.

Laurel said...

Best thing I have ever seen- truely - My life just isn't that freaking hard. I get it and am grateful for this lesson. Thanks Shell. I will this on to many. Love to you today.

glorv1 said...

Very motiviating indeed. Made me cry too. Thanks for sharing Shell. Have a great Sunday.

Michelle (Shell) May said...

Thanks Shell... thanks.
bunny hugs,

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Where do you find these wonderful things??? Amazing and very moving. One word comes to mind. Grateful! Thanks for sharing this. I send you many hugs full of gratefulness.

Clarity said...

Dear Lord,

Thank you Shell and again, thank you.

Love to him and you, Peace, XXX.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Oh my God. This was amazing. Tears came to my eyes. Our lesson in church today was to keep on loving, as God does, even though the ones we love may mean us no good. I guess the same applies to life's situations and trials. You keep loving, because it's obvious that it's love that motivates this young man to motivate others.

Love you, and thanks for stopping by.

Have a great evening.