The spaces in between

I have found refuge in the spaces between my dreams and reality. When I get discouraged I go there for peace.
The spaces in between has been saving me. I'm just me and I can be. No future or past.
The present. This moment.
It isn't a place like Wonderland, Atlantis, Fantasia.
It exists in your mind.
The spaces in between when your monkey mind and your to do list.
Where the real you resides.
You feel no doubt, fear, ignorance, hatred, anger.
You feel your true feelings expressed in all your colors.

I know I went trippy with this, it's how I've been feeling these past days. Finding my peace in the moment even when chaos tries to suck me in.



SE'LAH... said...

I think your journey to peace is beautiful.

Dee said...

good for you, that you can find that peace, even when things are chaotic. It's like laughing, It's good for the soul. Our lives can get too chaotic sometimes, and when we take life too serious we either miss out, or dont enjoy it. great post.

Caroline said...

The space in between is a good place. Go there often! Much peace to you!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Finding peace can be a really hard thing for me, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

Her Speak said...

So true. Beautiful image and beautiful words. May you find peace, calm and comfort in your own soothing seas of color and sleep. :)

Much Joy and Many Blissings, Friend~*

Tarot Dame said...

Beautiful sentiments! This was just what I needed to read right now! :)

Happy Thursday, I know it's your favorite day of the week. Hope it's a beautiful one for you!


Cheryl Lynn said...

How wonderful to devise a plan to escape from the enemy of chaos, simply by finding that peace that God has placed in us.

Fantastic post. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my dear.

Anonymous said...

So well put....
Oh you *do* know how i feel!

We're sisters in the space, Ms. loveliness! ♥

I'm trying to keep it focused. but its nice to know, if i rocket into monkey mind, i wont be alone. :-)