Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paris Blues

Tomorrow on Turner Classic Movies is a whole day devoted to Sidney Poitier for part of their Summer Under The Stars. They are showing one of my favorite movies Paris Blues at 8:30 am. So set your DVR recorders or get up to watch it.

Paris Blues is set in Paris in the early sixties with a very young Sidney, Paul Newman, Diahann Carroll and Joanne Woodward. It's not be missed!!



Dee said...

I've never seen this one, but I'm definitely a fan of Sidney Poiter...m favorite being To Sir with Love and Guess who's Coming to Dinner?

Maithri said...

I've never seen it either!

Mr Poitier is one of my heroes...

Thanks as always for your beautiful heart dear sister,

Love, M

Sarah said...

I love that still from the film. I have not seen that one but it sounds good.

Laurie said...

My favorite movie of Sidney Poiter is a Patch of Blue. Love that movie although some parts are hard to watch.
I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

Wanda said...

I have been in love with Sidney Poitier for at least 40 years. I wonder if his wife knows?

Christina said...

Oh Shell, I lazily spent the day watching these movies. I am in love with Mr. Poiter! Bliss~ I ate way too much and smiled at the screen. lol

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Oh, I love this movie! I remember seeing it when I was a little boy in the theatre (okay - so I'm old - so what! LOL).

I can still remember a scene with Diahann Carroll and Paul Newman on a train - and Diahann being very very flirty. Is it as sexy as I remember it being? LOL

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

Hi Shell.....Ooooh CRAP!!! I missed this! Can't believe it....I follow TCM and also record movies a week in advance.....can't believe I missed this one. I've never seen it, but it sounds like it has all the ingredients to be a great movie. ~ xo Joy