The Love of Blue

Random facts about me and the color blue:

1) Cerulean is one of my favorite adjectives to describe blue.
2) Certain scenes in the movies Troy and Mamma Mia inspire me with the variety of blues used.
3) I adore the new blue walls in my bedroom and thinking of expanding the blue theme through out my home.
4) I could wear blue everyday and never get bored.
5) My favorite blue painting is Starry Night by Van Gogh.



glorv1 said...

I of course love Starry Night as well and blue definitely is one of my favorite colors. I get in "blue" moods too.:D have a great Wednesday.

Wanda said...

Starry Night...matted and framed in my bedroom. Ahh.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Starry night has always been a favorite of mine. What a lovely sentiment. Blue has a calming effect. I used to wear blue when I was younger like I wear black today. I could wear something blue every single day and not flinch.

Have a wonderful evening, my dear.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I love starry night too. It's beautiful! It's filled with all those yummy blues hues that go from light to dark to a little green. I love the picture that you post of the beautiful lady as well. Blue is such spiritual color as well. It's the color of truth an loyalty. I adore it as much you do. I agree with you too. Blue is the best.

Tracy said...

Dreamy blues, Shell...I'm a blue girl too! :o)

Lady Laurie said...

Blue is my second favorite color. I get to see the most lovely shade of blue living so near the ocean!
Blue always reminds me of my Nana who had a passion for blue (the way I do pink) she surronded herself and home with it ~
I have started a collection of Blue Willow china since I inherited my Mom's collection, it has really grown on me.
I finally go to see Mama Mia on HBO this month, now it is on my Christmas Wish List!!

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

Blue on blue...eyes of blue...I love anything blue...especially the deep blue/purple tones.

Delila Jemaiel said...

blue is my favorite color also, i love "twilight" blue the most. There is something very soothing in this color...