Friday, July 31, 2009

Ran to the Sea

Untitled poem by Shell
Morning came
I ran to the sea
to find
where Mountains
kissed Sky
so I got in my boat
with my best lilac dress on
and sailed away
to see all I could
in a blue sky day..

(inspired by a painting by Mystele)



mystele said...

love that poem. love. our project may be on hold but not forgotten. ♥

Clarity said...

Evocative with a beautiful picture to match.

Sometimes I wish I could run away to the sea, will have to settle for our river :)

Lisa said...

Beautiful. Isn't Mystele wonderful? :)

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Your truely a beautiful & creative soul! Thank you for your kindness. I wish you al the best in everything you do! YOU deserve it all! Keep that happy face smiling ~ You brighten so many peoples days w/ your smile!
I might not be around alot but know your always in my heart!
Thank you for being You,
Joelle XOXO

SE'LAH... said...

very nice poem, Shell.

Cheryl Lynn said...

Kind of hauntingly beautiful. I love the painting and the descriptive language. You are truly a talent to be unleashed upon the world.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear heart.

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

you paint a beautiful picture with words shell! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, sweet little poem. Your writing is really pretty, I really appreciated this poem.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my guest blog post too!


Christina said...

How beautiful!

Marie said...

Quite pretty with a soothing quality, Shell.

Keith said...

That's really beautiful. Hope you've been having a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Very refreshing. I feel like I stepped into that boat, and floated away wit hit! :)

Maithri said...

Beautiful my sister,

You ARE a blue sky day,

Love, M

Tracy said...

So lovely, Shell...I feel whisked to another place... :o)

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