Beautiful words

Underneath my blog title, I have the words Act, Do, Dream, Create, Be. I didn't even think about why I wrote this, it just came out.

It works because when you come to my blog you know from those words who I am and what my blog is about. Here is what the words mean to me personally.

Act: this has actually two meanings. A nod to me being an actor; also, how I feel that sometimes you have act on things or you won't get ahead. Action is the cure to fear, doubt and anxiety. (At least, it works for me.)

Do: You won't manifest your dreams, If you don't do them. The best way for me to get things done is to do an action toward my dream instead of thinking about doing it. I feel we waste precious time over thinking tasks and dreams.

Dream: When I need to get inspired or have to figure out a problem, dreaming is my ally. My mind goes on a journey where it can dream away and all these great creative ideas are able to flow in effortlessly. A few of my favorite ways to dream is watch a great movie, read, watch the clouds and listen to soothing music.

Create: You need to pick up the pen, brush, needle, script, camera and start creating things exactly where you are. (Seriously, there is never a "perfect" time to do anything.) Creating your art multiplies into more creative ideas, plans and dreams. Which is always better for you.

Be: Whatever you do, you have to be who you truly are. For example, there are thousands of actors in the world..millions. The competition is fierce. I don't think about that. When I audition or act, I bring the best Shell to my acting. There is only one me in the whole world. I allow myself to be who I am and let that flow in my work. I always get more jobs this way. To be yourself is a goldmine in whatever your creative life is.

Now, I have to go outside and start my day. It is also, my best friend, Lady A's birthday too. I hope you all have a beautiful day. As always, spend some time today working on your dream. Your dreams are waiting for you to bring them to life.



Genie Sea said...

Oh Shell! These are extremely wise and uplifting words indeed!

What a great way to begin my blogging visits after what seemed like a long absence!

Thank you girlie! You ROCK! :)

Lady Laurie said...

Wonderful words Shell, I know I spend way too much time thinking my dreams instead of acting upon them. That's my biggest block!
Wishing your friend Lady A a beautiful birthday!!

Her Speak said...

Here's to the goldmine! It is good to hear you are doing well--busy and beautiful as usual. :)

Much Joy!~*

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

I'm back in town - and your post was a nice welcome home!

Javajune said...

I love your words of wisdom, a great recipe for a blissful life. keep on dreaming, I'm right there beside you.

Laurel said...

Shell! You are so so wise and so wonderful. I love all you said. I relate so to the action part. It can help jumpstart you in so many ways. My husband always says "default to action." No matter what they situation- if I am stuck, feeling paralyzed I just do one thing. Be it taking a walk-making a bed -whatever.
I know you are on a wonderful path and as you said there is only one Shell. Love to you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This really spoke to me, especially as I read the ending. It's funny, how when I'm feeling a little blue, I can always come here, and find a reason to smile. I think, I'll work on my dream again today. Thank you Shell. :)

Cheryl Lynn said...

Fantastic! What inspirational and true to form advice!

You are a part of why I aspire to move toward my goal daily.

Love you, much!

Elizabeth said...

A little late to comment but I still want to thank for this wonderful post, truly inspirational.

See you.