Monday, February 2, 2009

Mantra Mondays and Creative Spaces

I didn't sleep well last night, so now I have this slightly hungover feeling. It is a sunny day here and supposed to be 54 degrees!!! Wow, that's going to feel almost like summer right about now.

First, here is my offering in Mantra Mondays hosted by the fab Jennlui.

This mantra is where I'm at right now.

I wanted to share some more scans I did. The first two are from the book: Where Women Create by Jo Packham. I also found out it's also magazine. Which I must subscribe too!! I love to see where people create from. It's interesting, fascinating and inspiring.

This is part of the author's creative space.

Now, here is designer Carolyn Westbrook's romantic space:

These last two are from two British artists I adore. I first heard about both ladies in Victoria Magazine way back in 1999. This one is of Sarah Lugg's space. She is a mixed media artist. I love the collages she does with tags.

This is part of designer Cath Kidston's creative nook . I share her love of flowers and bright colors.

Tomorrow, I'll try to take pictures of my creative nook to share with all of you. Be warned it's no where as fancy as these ladies above.

Sweet dreams to you all.


mermaid musings said...

i love love love to see studios or crafty spaces in fact in youtube there are lots of videos please, check them out!

jennlui said...

oooohh shell!!! i love your cute cute cute mantra card and your mantra!!! like i said over on my mantra monday post... i do believe that anywhere we are at on our journey in life, we are always in need of some sort of healing... i think it's part of the process in growing and changing...

sending you love and light in your healing journey!!!


oh ps... i can't wait to see pics of your creative nook!!! and honestly who's space is as fancy as those in magazines??? ha ha ha!!!

Serena said...

Your collaged mantra card is beautiful, Shell.....healing is a powerful mantra.

I love looking at the studios of other artists too....can't wait to see your creative space. :)

love, light and peace,

Lisa said...

Can't wait!

Lisa said...

Oh and I love your mantra card!

Melissa said...

I love the message and the images are super beautiful!


Nicole said...

Beautiful card! I love the message!

Mark said...

Thanks for sharing the creative spaces, very interesting. Each of us our very different.

Laume said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that room all in golden glowy colors. WOW.

You've got so many intriguing posts recently, I'm so woefully behind on visiting folks. I'll have to stop back again as soon as I can mange.

Eileen W. said...

Your mantra card is so uplifting and full of beauty! Very cool! I also love the pictures of actors and actresses on your page- some are my faves too.
Those creative studios/spaces have me drooling- one day it will be real for me too, yes? :) I'm looking forward to seeing where it is you create your wonders...*Eileen

creativehealinggoddess said...

I love the creative spaces, thats what I need to redesign my space.

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