Happy February

A whole new brand month for goodness and creativity to abound. I was going to blog yesterday. I got caught up in uploading some pictures to flickr. Then using my paint.net program and getting the hang of that. I did a whole ton of scanning as well.

I want to share these beautiful pictures I scanned from my Richard Scarry book. The first one is for this month.

Here is Nicholas The Bunny enjoying Wintertime.

These three scans are from The Country Mouse and The City Mouse story. This is one of my favorite stories. I love the outfits of all the mice especially the The City Mouse dressed up like a flapper girl from the 20's. In this scene, The Country Mice are watching the City Mouse dance.

Here's The Country Mouse running away from all the crazy adventures in the city. She had enough. The Country Mouse is lovely with her red dress and her strawberry apron.

I love this picture the best. Now, she is back with her fellow country ladies having tea. They all look lovely. The Country Mouse's little cottage is so cozy.

I hope you all enjoyed these lovely illustrations. I'll share some more later on.
Sweet dreams to you all.


Sarah said...

I love Richard Scarry-I have an ABC book by him. I remember one illustration from when I was little of all the little bunnies eating large water melons and I always remember it whenever I have watermelon. I particularly like the picture of Nicholas enjoying the winter-lovely!

esk said...

OK, I don't like mice, but these illustrations sure were cute!!

mermaid musings said...

February is my favorite month!
love the illustrations too!

Thalia Took said...

I love how the squirrel postman has his lunch tucked in there with the letters--you can just see the top of an acorn poking out.

I love Richard Scarry, too. Lowly Worm has got to be one of my favorite characters of all time.

kjcraig said...

I remember as a kid having my grandma read me one of Scarry's book about the squirrel postman. Unfortunately, she got rid of the book a while back and I've been searching for it ever since. What book is the story of the squirrel postman from. Any help would be appreciated! thanks!