My Creative space

Today is my mom's birthday!! Yes we are both Aquarians! We have a snowstorm going on today in the big apple. We were going to go out for dinner at our local Red Lobster. Though we are hardy winter babies, we had to concede to postpone dinner for a better day.

As promised, I'm going to share my creative space. The place where Swanofdreamers comes together. I'm still getting the hang of my digital camera, so my photography skills are basic. Click on each picture, to see it larger.

This is the whole view of where I sit to create, write and dream.

These are my affirmations for acting and staying in flow. A picture honoring my 40th birthday along with collage tags and smaller pictures.

This view is chock full of pictures. So I'll only talk about a few of them. Playbills from the Broadway productions of Julius Caesar and Thurgood starring my acting gods: Denzel Washington and Laurence Fishburne. A picture of my Jimi Hendrix and also a picture from Mystele. The cute boy with his cereal bowl.

This view you have a romantic couple from a wedding ad. The three ladies looking fabulous and beautiful at all ages. My affirmation for Paris. Finally, my Christopher Reeve. Chris' picture is from one of my top romantic favorite movies: Somewhere in Time.

Here is an autograph of Mark Hamill who played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. I met him at an autograph signing in the 90's. He is really a sweetheart. I got to tell Mark how I enjoy all of his acting work. I rattled off all the other movies and tv shows he did including his voice work in cartoons. Since I was a devoted fan, he drew the big heart especially for me. No one else on the line got that! I'll always love you, Mark!

Here is my beloved Luke; and, his nameplate my friend Ali got for me when she went to Disneyworld. Thanks Ali. One of my acting goddesses: Bette Davis. The romantic couple again. Finally, an ad from the 90's with Jason Priestley. This picture is a tribute to me and my Sean.

And, Mabel again. This time I used the mute on flash and sound. I realize now she hated getting the flash in her eyes.

I hope you all enjoyed the tour of my creative space. Sweet dreams to you all.


Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
I loved looking at your inspirations and special things. I also enjoyed your previous post featuring other creative spaces. Mine looks like a bombsite most of the time as I have too many projects going on at once. I use the futon next to my chair as an overspill and about once a week have atidy and start the process all over again! Hope you manage to celebrate your Mum's birthday soon.
Sarah :)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! Your space is wonderful. No wonder you're so creative...or wait, I guess your space is so wonderful because you're so creative. :) Either way, it's awesome.

mermaid musings said...

I loved it!!!
Oh i want one of those tags!!!
si??? (means yes????)
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to your Mom!!!!

i didn't know you were 39,
you look GREAT for 40!!

jennlui said...

fabulous peak!!! i always LOVE seeing where creative souls do all their creating!!! thank you SO much for sharing!!! i love how you have all that inspiration on your walls!!! yay yay yay!!!

peace and love to you shell!!!

Lady Laurie said...

Dear Shell,
I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing your creative space.
That is so neat that you have Mark Hamill's autograph and I adored Christopher Reeve in Somewhere in Time. Someday I'll dress like Jane Seymour did in that movie!
Love Bette Davis (All About Eve, Dark Victory, Now Voyager, The Letter!!).
I love your kitty's espressions ~ we have an older cat that always looks at us like she is planning something evil. We love her anyway!

Black Rose said...

Oh my! I love your blog Shell! Just love all the images and photos dotted around and also your creative space! Nice to meet you!

Lynne said...

Hi Shell,
I;ve called on over from Sarah's blog. I love your creative space and your previous post about other women's creative spaces. Makes me think that I should get around doing something similiar.