Letters to cherish

Yesterday, I was rereading my letters from Sean. In his letters, I saw how the boy I loved grew into the man he became. To see his handwriting and remember his hopes and dreams brought comfort to me despite my tears. When I want to relive all the love and adventures we shared together, I can through his letters. They will be my solace as the weeks and months go on.

It made me wonder how many people still write each other? I hate it when people call something a "lost" art. I think no true art is ever lost. Just waiting to be rediscovered all over again by people.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, this is a wonderful time to write a letter to someone you love. It doesn't have to be just a romantic love. Love comes in all shades and colors. It could be a best friend, your favorite cousin or your child. One day, you will be gone. The person will have the letter you wrote to them on a sunny afternoon to cherish forever.

Sweet dreams to you all.


Her Speak said...

What a sweet thought!

I agree--there is nothing quite like a handwritten card or letter. You can visit and revisit them as many times as your heart desires. It is wonderful you have such a precious treasure from your friend.

Much Joy, Many Blissings~*

Lady Prism said...

Hello Shell, it has been a long time since the last I was here and I was so sad to read about Sean. I'm truly sorry for your loss. This must be so hard. I have a friend like that and if something were to happen to that person I would be devastated.

But what you said is very true. We need to say the things inside our heart to the people we care for the most.Sometimes, this isn't always easy. It's much more convenient to just take things for granted in the guise of being too busy with life...what to eat..what to drink. I have friends I haven't seen for a long time but are dear to me...I think of them once in a while, meaning to write or say hello..then wondering if they'd be up to the idea of re-connecting. I know they're "busy." Mostly, I just defer that letter, that hello, that how are you.

I guess this post made me realize even more that tomorrow is truly not a guarantee. Perhaps...perhaps..it's time for me to finally..just write.

hugs to you!

Nicole said...

Great post. I just might have to write a nice letter to my mom this Valentines Day! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

Sarah said...

Hi Shell,
I am glad that reading Sean's letters is a comfort to you. You are right about letter writing. I used to love getting and sending letters.
Take care,
Sarah x