Something Different

I decided to do something different on Swanofdreamers. This is my second video and my first time actually with audio. It is a bit rough. I am now nervous about posting it. Sometimes you have to stretch out of your comfort zone. So here I go. Play the video.


mermaid musings said...

oh what a lovely surprise to come here this morning and listen to your lovely voice! and then poems!
Nice to hear YOU!

p.s. sweet mermaid you, i have been away from the computer for several days and please know i miss you and all of you but i needed this little vacation to refresh and nurture myself.
Thank you for your friendship and for being with me in spirit ;-)
big hug!

Susie said...

That was just lovely! I hope you do more of that. It's very uplifting:-)

Susie said...

That was just lovely! I hope you do more of that. It's very uplifting:-)

Caroline said...

Very very nice! You have a lovely voice, too!

Sacred Suzie said...

Shell, you totally rock! I love hearing your voice, I feel it deepens the connection between you and your readers. The poem choice was exquisite and your recited it perfectly. I can't wait for you to do more! You have a wonderful speaking voice, perfect for an actor.

Anonymous said...

The poem was truly magnificent! Thank you for commenting on my blog and I look forward to reading and hearing more from you!

Sweetina said...

Very uplifting,which i so needed this evening! Your blog is lovely,Shell~your voice has such a beautiful tone.
Thoroughly enjoyed my visit here!
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your positive feedback on my work.
You are the greatest~

Her Speak said...

This is excellent! I think you did a beautiful job of pairing images with the text--sometimes you see videos like this and they don't seem cohesive. But this is beautiful! I'd love to hear you read anything by Emily Dickinson. "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" is one of my absolute favorites! She has such a wonderful strangeness about her. :)

I can't wait to hear more!
Many Blissings~*

Cheryl Lynn said...

Hi Shell. How lovely! I really enjoyed the video and the audio. The poem was beautifully read.

Thanks so much for dropping by.

Have a great day tomorrow.
Love ya!

mystele said...

shell, so wonderful!!! and now, i'm getting your feed again. i moved everything back to bloglines, and thankfully, they give you a choice of feeds. 3rd one was a charm!