Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My sweet Muse is talking up a storm to me. All these ideas are buzzing around me, inside me and through friends. I'm doing my best to take the hint and write them all down before they flit away.

Big thank you and hugs to everyone for your support and love on my audio post. I so appreciate it. There will be more audio posts. I just have to figure out what poems I want to read. Maybe even do some reading from classic novels? Hmmm. I was a English Major at college, so I have huge amounts of literature stored in my mind. Like I said before, any poems or stories you like just pass it along to me. All suggestions are welcomed.

I have been lax as of late with paying forward with the blog awards. So I want to rectify that. I pass on this award to the following bloggers:


Her Speak
Lady Laurie

All of these ladies' blogs are creative, beautiful and individual.Go check them out.Now it's time for me to do some blog surfing and follow my Muse. Take care everyone.


Her Speak said...

You're such a sweet pea, Shell!
Thank you. :)

Now go--follow that muse! Go forth and make things! :)

Happy Flitting and Many Blissings~*

KathrynAntyr said...

How sweet! Thank you!

I've seen this award and have thought how cute it looks on people's blogs.

xoxo k

Arty Em said...

oh Shell I love YOUR blog, too!!!

Susie said...

Congratulations on your award:-)

Caroline said...

Keep em' coming! Love the audio posts!

Sacred Suzie said...

You did such a good job with the poem and you know what? I have a degree in English and Creative Writing, LOL. I am amazed at how much we have in common Shell. Although I am not an amazing actress living in New York, we are similar sensibilities and that is so wonderful to share with someone. From our witchy mat, to our love of Supernatural, to our dedication to poetry. Have a beautiful day! Not to worry, I will recover, took a two hour nap yesterday and slept through the night. No dreams yet but I'm feeling a touch better.

Beverly said...

Good morning Shell! I have something for you dear, just follow the link:

Lady Laurie said...

Oh my goodness, thank you so much!
I have always loved your blog, because its so colorful and I feel so happy when I come to visit you!

mermaid musings said...

yay for my dear Kathryn!

me said...

SHELL!!!!! Your the sweetest!
Seriously! You always put a big smile on my face when you stop by!
Goshhhhhh I got so carried away dropping by your lovely friends I got so busy to THANK YOU!
such a busy time... How does everyone do it all?
I hope your enjoying the HOLIDAY Seaon & all it has to offer!
I'll be looking out for you me dear!
Joelle XO

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