Vision Board

Today is a new moon, as well as the second day in a fresh new month to have grand adventures. What is to manifest in July? Well, I have been watching Oprah and she had two part show on the laws of attraction. I was inspired to do a vision board for myself. I haven't done one in ages. I put it up close to my private altar at home, so I can see it every day.
I'm a true believer in co-creation of our lives with God. Of course, there are things that come that are outside of our realm. There are lessons we are meant to learn, so we can grow and evolve. Most of our lives are really created by our thoughts and actions.
My Vision Board is chock full of my dreams and hopes for myself. I am making steps to put these into motion. I like the idea of seeing all of it laid out to keep me on track.
I wish for all of you a July full of health, love, wealth and adventure.


Sacred Suzie said...

So nice to meet you Shell! Oh and I love that you did a vision board, it's so magical and romantic and full of energy.

Let me know if you want me to include it in my dream board project for next month, I would be honoured. :) I find coming up with what I want to be the hardest part so that's what I am working on now that I've done the cleansing which is helping clear the cobwebs. I hope it helped too and I am always happy to meet another artistic empathic person. I will be back!

Shell said...

Thank you for stopping by, Suzie. You are always welcome here. I left a comment on your blog. I love to be part of your dream board project.

Nydia said...

After all we all need and crave basically the same things, maybe only in different times... Your vision board is so representative of everyone's dreams! Beautiful.
Kisses from Nydia.

Shell said...

Kisses to you as well, Nydia. I appreciate your words. I loved your dreamboard: the images you picked resonate with power and simplicity.

Anonymous said...

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