The Studio Museum of Harlem

Ali and I went to the Studio Museum of Harlem on Sunday. They kicked off their Target Free Sundays. They had wonderful goodies: free ice cream, water, trail mix and exotic chips. The fun event of the day was receiving a free museum canvas bag then being able to decorate it. They had ribbons, lace, paints, crystals, beads, feathers,etc lined up at tables for you to choose from. A d.j. was spinning music, so you got to jam while doing your bag. I decorated mine with colors of blue, pink and red in pretty feather boas, hearts, feathers and butterflies. All girlie stuff that is so me.
The artwork in the museum is wonderful. Part of their current exhibit is on Kehinde Wiley. His paintings are gorgeous. The men in them are vibrant with color. To me they appeared as if they were going to step out of the paintings. The picture I posted don't do them justice. There are so many more gorgeous paintings, photographs and installations that beg attention your attention. So please take a trip to Harlem and check the museum out. Bring the whole family. Target Free Sundays lasts I believe until November. For more information, go here:


Sacred Suzie said...

Oh how I wish I could! It sounds like an amazing show!

Shell said...

Yes, the artwork is really fabulous at the museum. Seeing all that artwork got my creative juices going.

Sacred Suzie said...

Yay! Good stuff!