Monday, July 21, 2008

Laurence alert!

I had to share this with all my Laurence Fishburne fans out there. Turner Classic Movies has a series called Elvis Mitchell: Under The Influence. He is a brotha who is a former New York Times critic who has been interviewing actors/directors all this month on TCM. Tonight is my man!! The interview is at 8pm and then repeats at 10:30pm. Also, if you are interested after Laurence's interview they are showing A Patch of Blue(1965) starring Sidney Poitier. It is an interesting film about a blind white girl who falls in love with Sidney's character.
More info on the interviews go


mystele said...

shell, just wanted to let you know that i'm really enjoying your blog. it opens up a whole new world of dreams. it's cool to share in your experiences and to see you sticking with what you love. did i tell you that one of my brothers is an actor? (i feel like i did.) Patrick Malone- the internet info about him is wrong. they have him born in newark, new jersey. why? no clue. anyway, we had an awesome highshcool drama department in our hometown Texas (one act play state champions for 20 years plus when we were there) and were so fortunate to have a director who saw beyond skin and into hearts in our white town. he really encouraged patrick. he's been in the los angeles area since he was 18/19. things have been tough, but it's what he loves. so he's still hanging in there.

thank you for taking the time to encourage me in my art. it means a lot. take care!

Shell said...

I remember you told me about Patrick. I looked him up on imdb. He's done a lot of work. I know you are proud of him. Acting can be tough, like anything you love you have to stick with it.
I'm glad that you enjoy my blog, Mystele. I feel us artists need to encourage each other to grow and flourish. I love your artwork and your videos. I saw your newest video with your boys. They are so cute! Thank you for your wonderful words. They mean a lot. Take care.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh I love A Patch of Blue! I remember watching that on TV as a kid. Sydney makes my heart swoon!

I loved Lawrence in Othello, he was PERFECT.

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