I can be patient most of the times. Right about now, I can feel it unraveling. I have gotten not a whisper of an audition. Also, my copies of my headshots have been delayed for over a month now. After enjoying doing my sonnet show, I wanted to find something else to dive into. I feel like I'm walking in the desert. It's dusty, hot and dry. I'm doing my best to stay cool and moist. I know things go in cycles. I have to ride it out which I am. I have a new Shakespeare monologue I'm going to work on. There is a beauty to the desert. My mission is to find the beauty in the moments I have right now.

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Sacred Suzie said...

I'm so sorry that there are so many challenges for you right now! I find this has been a very tough summer for a lot of people. I know I feel like I'm lost in the desert right now too. I hope with the dreamboard launch that the universe starts moving success closer and closer to you!