Friday, June 13, 2008


I am writing by the waxing moon's light. It is after midnight. I just got home from rehearsal. I am emotionally spent. Uncle Will aka Shakespeare is a demanding task master. I've always known this but tonight I got my but whipped good and proper.

It's been an emotional week for me. All these feelings bubbling up. Instead of able to access this, I just got all locked up inside. Uncle Will wasn't having that. You got pay the piper, to call the tune. So I opened up and all the flood gates opened up. I felt so vulnerable and exposed. My fellow actors were all so cool and supportive, as is Ken my director.

When I was coming home on the train, I swear I could hear Uncle Will say: Now, you understand what I want from you. I have given you the words now fill it with the feelings. If I go deep, so must thou.

All art is created from who we truly are. When we don't show up for whatever reason, the work suffers. That means that like I relearned tonight, you have to sometimes walk in the dark with your heart open to let the creativity fly. You have to go there because that is what the part requires.

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