Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Judy

When I was a little girl, there was nothing better on a weekend afternoon to find a Judy Garland movie on. I loved her and I still do. She had a quality that lit up the screen. She could do it all comedies, romances, drama. And that voice is pure magic.

Though she struggled in her life, she was able to always put it aside and be the consummate performer on screen, stage, television and records. I've always admired her tenacity to keep going when others always wrote her off.

Now, this may be odd for a Judy fan to admit. The Wizard of Oz is not one of my favorite Judy movies. Perhaps I saw it too much as a kid! Anyway, her best screen partner was Gene Kelly. Judy and Gene had sparkled together on screen. I wish they had did more than the three movies they starred in together. Two of the three are part of my favorites of Judy's. Here are to me her must see films and these include musicals and drama.

Judy's Best:
Meet Me in St. Louis
The Clock
The Pirate (with Gene Kelly and The Nicholas Brothers)
Easter Parade
Summer Stock ( with Gene Kelly)
A Star is Born
Gay Purr-ee (cartoon)
A Child is waiting

Happy Birthday, Judy. You are still loved and missed.


tea time and roses said...

Hi Shell!

Happy Birthday to Judy! I like you have seen the Wizard Of Oz what seems like hundreds of times, but I just love it! Not only was Miss Garland oh so talented but beautiful as well. I hope you do visit the tutorial and try the little florets! What a neat way to use buttons! You have a beautiful rest of the week!



Creatively Blessed said...

Girl you have been tagged!!!!!

Dena Miller said...

Oh how I also Love Judy Garland!!
One of my favorites is also The Easter Parade...I have fond memories watching it with my Mother in Law.
As always,
thanks so much Shell for your lovely Posts♥

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