New Moon

Today is a new moon. It is a sign of fresh beginnings. Being I have a touch of the mystic in me, I like to keep up with the phases of the moon and the energies behind them. Tonight when you look up to the sky, you won't be able to see the moon. She is up there. As the nights go on, the moon will become more visible.

It is going to be a creative and fun night for me. I start rehearsal for a show called Sweet Love, Sweet Lines, Sweet Life. It's about bringing Shakespeare's sonnets to life. I've spent most of last week living with about seven sonnets. Practicing them day and night; So I can get them down into my soul. Tonight, the next phase of hard work begins. I'm looking forward to rehearsal and what will be discovered.

Also,I am supposed to hang out with an old friend. I am happy and excited about seeing my friend. I can't think of a better time to reconnect.

Tonight will be special. I hope yours will be too.

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