Thursday, June 5, 2008


I don't know how many of you know about compulsive Hoarding. Oprah had a show on this where they had to help a couple clean out from all the clutter of the house. Compulsive hoarding isn't about having maybe a junk room where you put everything there. Imagine your whole house like that. Where you only have maybe a small space for yourself to sleep and eat. Everything else is all your stuff. It is a psychological order and become quite serious if left untreated.

I have family members who suffer from this in an extreme.There health is in danger. To the point, now my mom had to go and get outside help. I had to make a choice that made my two relatives feel I betrayed them. Even now, my heart hurts to think hear her disappointment in her voice while speaking to me today.

I couldn't sit by and idly watch them sink into madness and degradation. There are times you have to be disliked to help someone you really love. Guess that's what they call tough love.

So today I'm feeling sad. Life can't always be sunshine and roses. I wish all of you have a better day than I am having.


ArtyEm said...

I am in the process right now of cleaning out my aunt's house - she is 90 and we just had to move her into assisted living.
It takes so much emotional energy, because she hoarded 60 years worth of junk and I have to sort it all out - it hurts to have to send her life into the dumpster, but the things she saved! It really is all trash. . . .and it's so weird to imagine her all those years living walking around and over all this stuff - so much she never could really clean. . . .yuck.

Shell said...

Hi Artyem,

Thanks for stopping by. I understand what your going through with your aunt. It is unimaginable that a person could live with all of that stuff. It's heartbreaking as well to see someone you love to live like that.

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