Monday, June 2, 2008


Sex and The City! I loved the movie. It was totally faithful to the series. To me it felt like a good long episode. I was glad to see Jennifer Hudson there adding some color! It made a whopping 55 million dollars. That is a great opening weekend. Because of that, there may be more female dominated movies that will be greenlighted by the big studios. Whatever makes box office gold becomes the indicator of movies to come. Whether that will includes actresses of color is another story. Back to SATC.

Hats off SJP,Kim Cattrall,Kristin Davis,and Cynthia Nixon for bringing Carrie,Samantha,Charlotte and Miranda back on to the big screen successfully. The ladies and their men made my Saturday.

I don't know how much people who never saw the show would enjoy it. They do a nice little opening in the beginning to bring everyone up to date with the ladies. I never really had a favorite of the four. I loved them all in their quirky and wonderful ways.

I also got to see Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Good fantasy flick, though I feel the first one is my favorite so far. The weekend before, I saw Indiana Jones. To me it was pure fun but it wasn't as good as Raiders or The Last Crusade. It was sure a lot better than Temple of Doom!! That was a stinker.

Watching Sex and The City had me craving for all black best friends movie. Been a long time since we had that? The last movie like that I can remember was Waiting to Exhale. If I'm wrong on that, please let me know. I'm really trying to rack my brains on this.

That's all on the movie front for me. As the summer goes, there will be more movies to talk about. What is your favorite movie so far this summer?


Lisa said...

Since you're doing reviews, I'll play along too.

I also saw SATC. I thought it was pretty true to the series. Alot racier though on some of the scenes-lol. The theatre was filled with other fans of the series including one mom who brought her two young children. I felt sorry for them having to sit through some of it. And you know what scenes I'm talking about-lol.

Indiana Jones had good action but I thought Karen Allen's role was lacking somewhat. Even though her relationship to the other main character was integral, I thought her performance seemed like an afterthought on the part of the director.

Narnia? I thought it was good but much darker and way more violent than the first two.

As Roger Ebert would say-"thumbs up"

See what happens when you get me started.

Shell said...

I feel sorry for that mom too because I blushed at one scene in particular even at my age. So I can only imagine how the kids felt.

I agree they kind of threw in Karen Allen for nostalgia. They really didn't flesh her character in this movie.

Glad to hear you reviews, thanks for sharing. I love hearing other views on movies.

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