Monday, May 5, 2008

Tired on a New Moon in Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Yesterday, I spent time with some of my relatives helping to clean. Today, I'm just wiped. My relatives are not in the best of shape and to see them like that broke my heart. Today, I'm tired physically and spiritually.

I've learned from experience now, to just go with how I feel. Even though the sun is beckoning to come outside and play, I have to rest for today. By tomorrow well I'll be back in fine form. So I'm planning on staying in bed, reading and watching the clouds go by.

The New Moon is tonight. I like to write an abundance check. Where I take a blank check and write how much cash I like to make. I did it in February and it worked because I got an assignment soon after. Coincidence? I believe the old saying Coincidences is God's way of staying anyomous.

Here is an an example what the check can look like it.

You can modify it according to your religious beliefs. For the whole article go

Have a good Monday.

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