Haunted dreams

My dream life has always been vivid and active since I was little. For the past month, every other night I have been dreaming about my friend Neo. Yes, I did say Neo. It's a long story why I call him that. I'm at a crossroads with my friendship with him. I'm not sure which way I want to go.

Just like he is in my waking reality, Neo in my dream life is just as tentacious. He pops up all the time. Smiling, teasing, laughing and hovering close by. When I wake up sometimes it's disorientating realizing it's just a dream. Just a dream yet so much more. Sometimes I feel Neo may even be dreaming of me. In the daytime, I feel haunted by his night visits. A part of me wishes to reach out now to him. So much has happened that I know I'm not ready to see him right now.

One of best friends, Ali, told me that I'm just processing what has happened.I guess I am. Last night, Neo gave me a respite and didn't appear. Who knows what tonight will bring?

Has any friends or lovers haunted you in your dreams? Make you wonder sometimes how real the dream world really is.

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