Happy Birthday Dwayne

Remember that old song Just got Paid, It's Friday night by Johnny Kemp. Well over here Shell is not bringing in any cash. Got bills coming in. I'm always looking for the bright spot. I went to good old IMDB, I found my piece of sunshine.

It's Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock's birthday!! I love Dwayne. I don't know any woman who is immune to his charm and good looks. He is really building his career now as an actor. I enjoyed him in The Scorpion King and as a bad ass in Doom. I'm all for seeing him on the screen more often. His next upcoming movie is Get Smart which I'm looking forward to seeing.

Have a great Friday everyone. A big hug and a sweet kiss for you,Dwayne. Have a wonderful birthday.


Virtuous Blue said...

Now that is one beautiful piece of creation. You are right...I for one, certainly can't resist that man's charm and good looks. And I don't mind watching him on any screen, big or small. Now if I could just find a way to watch him in PERSON lol...


Shell said...

Hi Kenya,

Yes, I like to find a way to watch him in person too. Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blog. Love it. I went to HU too. But I graduated way back in the 90's.